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Puzzle & Dragons: Japanese Hit Mobile Game To Go Global Soon [Social Games]


A few weeks after the first cautious announcement, GungHo finally announced they will take Puzzle & Dragons, their impossibly successful mobile social game, global today.

The title was launched in Japan in February on iOS and got ported to Android just last week. Puzzle & Dragons is currently the most prominent example of a successful Japanese social game that’s not using the MobageGREE, or Mixi networks.

GungHo is planning to release the English version of their smash hit in November. If everything goes according to plan, Puzzle & Dragons in English will hit iOS and Android at the same time.

The super-weird “Freak Tower” (currently only available in Japan) and Princess Punt 2 will be made available in English, too.

To market this and a fewer other games, GungHo just established a subsidiary in the US called “GungHo Online Entertainment America”, which is based in Marina Del Ray (more on this on Gamasutra).

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