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Warriors of Odin: Gloops’ First English-Language Game Goes Live On Mobage [Social Games]


The flood of Japanese social card battle games aimed at the global market continues: Tokyo-based Gloops, which was just acquired by Nexon, released “Warriors Of Odin” on Mobage yesterday.

The title is the company’s first social game in English and is currently available on Mobage for Android only. Gloops, which is DeNA‘s strategic partner, announced Mobage as its preferred international distribution platform a few days ago.

Released by Gloops International, Warriors Of Odin is the international version of a Japanese card battle game that was launched in November last year and currently counts 1.3 million registered users in Japan.

The main unique element about Warriors Of Odin is that it focuses more on real-time battles than similar titles.

But it’s definitely getting crowded in the card battle game genre, not only in Japan.



Via Social Game Info

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