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JASGA: Japan Gets Social Game Association [Social Games]


It took a while, but the multi-billion dollar Japanese social gaming industry finally has its own association, named JASGA (Japan Social Game Association).

JASGA’s establishment has (no doubt) been accelerated by the kompu gacha shock that hit the industry in May, followed by public pressure and the calling for regulation and control of the industry.

JASGA will be led by Yoshikazu Tanaka (GREE‘s CEO) and Isao Moriyasu (DeNA‘s CEO). The CEOs of Mixi, CyberAgent, Dwango and LINE operator NHN Japan are serving as directors.

Before JASGA, in March this year, these six companies have established a council that introduced various measures of self-regulation in Japan’s social gaming industry.

The representatives of these companies will be joined by another two directors, namely the leaders of the Japan Online Game Association and CESA (COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT SUPPLIER’S ASSOCIATION, the Tokyo Game Show organizer).

Apart from the six council members, JASGA is starting with a total of 50 social game providers, i.e. KLab, gloops, Bandai Namco, Sega, or gumi.

JASGA has three main goals:

  • regulating and controlling Japan’s social gaming industry
  • ensuring a proper gaming environment for younger players
  • improving the quality of customer support and relations.

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