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Circle Of Mana: Square Enix’ “Mana” RPG Series Goes GREE


Square Enix’ Mana series of RPGs, which started in 1991, is getting its first social version. “Seiken Densetsu – Circle Of Mana” will be exclusively available on GREE sometime next year (in the form of an app for iOS or Android).

Players can already pre-register for the “triple A” title, and Square Enix also opened a teaser site a few days ago. This looks like a winner to me already.

The company markets Circle Of Mana as a card battle RPG, which will feature the usual elements like quests, PvP battles, or fusion.

One interesting feature is the class “change system” taken over from Seiken Densetsu 3 (SNES, 1995), which makes it possible for characters to acquire new skills while progressing in the game (more on that here). Characters appearing in Circle Of Mana were taken from previous Mana games that appeared on consoles in the last 20 years.

Square Enix has inked a distribution deal with GREE in October that includes games like Final Fantasy, The World Ends With You, or Chocobo Farm.

First artwork from Circle Of Mana:

circle of mana circle of mana 2

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