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Puzzle & Dragons Now At 17 Million Registered Users In Japan, But Growth Has Slowed Down


Japan’s top smartphone game Puzzle & Dragons has arrived at 17 million users on July 22, maker GungHo (3765) has announced.

The number only includes Japanese users, across the App Store, Google Play, and the Kindle.

Just like earlier this month, when the game hit 16 million players, the number of downloads in North America was not disclosed (the game is also out in Korea, where it’s doing really well).

puzzle dragons gungho 17 million

But there is one difference: this is the first time since October 2012 (when TV advertising for the title started) that it took Puzzle & Dragons more than 21 days to grow by a million users – 23 days, to be precise.

Japanese website Social Game Info has posted this handy chart, which shows how Puzzle & Dragons has done after launch on February 20, 2012 on iOS in Japan:

puzzle dragons gungho 17 million 2

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