LINE Tenki: LINE Gets Weather App

NHN Japan is continuing to turn its super-popular messenger app LINE into a platform (or portal) for mobile content of any kind.

After games, a set of social networking features, horoscopes, a greeting card app, a drawing app, and a camera app, coupons, an in-app virtual world, and content for kids, it’s now time for a LINE-powered weather app.

Aptly named LINE Tenki (tenki means weather in Japanese), the free app hit the Japanese App Store and Google Play today.

Users can expect data delivered by the Japan Weather Association, and information can be shared with friends on LINE. Needless to say, NHN Japan made sure that the cute characters from the original app appear inside LINE Tenki, too.

The company hasn’t said yet if LINE Tenki will make its way to other countries as well.

Line Tenki LINE Weather

Line Tenki LINE Weather 3 Line Tenki LINE Weather 2

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