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In English: Mobage Global On iOS Is Live [Social Games]


As I was assuming, it didn’t take long for DeNA (ngmoco, to be more precise) to finally start Mobage in English on the iOS platform.

ngmoco made a public announcement on March 2 on Mobage’s US Facebook page, and launched the first Mobage-powered iOS titles in the US App Store on March 2, US local time (March 3 in Japan).

The first titles are:

Quality-wise, Ninja Royale is clearly the best title so far.

What interesting here is that

ngmoco is way more cautious in their approach on iOS than on Android: apparently, the plan for the Apple platform is to release games one by one.

The company still has some time until arch rival GREE launches their globally unified platform in English, probably on iOS and Android at the same time, “between April and June” this year.

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