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Here’s The Japanese TV Commercial For Mobage’s Rage Of Bahamut [Social Games]


One key success factor for the rise of social gaming in Japan are the big investments in TV promotion the two big platform providers, GREE and DeNA, have been making in past years.

If you live in Japan and watch a random national TV program for a few minutes, it’s almost impossible not to see a social game commercial these days. I gathered more information on this phenomenon a few days ago here.

The most recent example is the Japanese TV commercial for Rage Of Bahamut, a social card battle game that’s popular in this country but now also sees success outside Japan (especially on Android).

Here’s the Rage Of Bahamut TV spot, which made its debut over the weekend:

Here’s the making-of clip (in which American model Dakota Rose explains – mainly in English – how it was to star in the commercial):

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