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On Mobage: Rage Of Bahamut Passes 3 Million User Mark – Outside Japan [Social Games]


Social card battle game Rage Of Bahamut racked up 3 million players outside Japan, maker Cygames announced today.

The Mobage title hit 2 million users outside this country on July 10, meaning it took just 28 days to add the third million. Inside Mobage’s Japanese platform, Rage of Bahamut has over 2 million users.

The game was released inFebruary this year.  Rage Of Bahamut hit the top position in Google Play’s top grossing app ranking in April (it’s still the No. 1 in the US).

The iOS version followed in May and topped the US App Store’ top grossing app ranking one month. Rage Of Bahamut was even the top money-making app on both platforms, in June, and once again a few days ago (for a few hours, at least).

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