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Mugen Senki Dragonor: DeNA Shows New First-Party Title [Social Games]


I think DeNA has been clearly outpacing GREE lately when it comes to high-quality first-party games.

Social RPG “Guilty Dragon”social shooter “Macross SP Deculture”social RPG “Valkyries In The Twilight”, and card battle game Souken No Cross Edge all look pretty good to me.

And now DeNA is adding another title called “Mugen Senki Dragonor” to the list. And this mix between RPG and strategy game for Mobage on smartphones looks like a winner, too.

In the game, players need to choose between three different kingdoms set in a fantasy world and lead armies against those of other Mobage users.

There are typical RPG battles where different parties fight against each other but also strategy game-like sequences in which players need to move their units on a battle map to win (see trailer below).

DeNA is planning to release Mugen Senki Dragonor in Japan in the fall and already accepts pre-registrations.

Promo trailer:

Via Social Game Info

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