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On GREE: Final Fantasy Artniks Racks Up 1 Million Players


In October last year, GREE caused quite a splash in the mobile and console gaming worlds with their announcement that they partnered up with Square Enix.

The deal included a social reboot of popular (and awesome) 3DS game “The World Ends With You” and “Final Fantasy Artniks”, the first FF title to hit the GREE platform.

Now Square Enix is reporting that Final Fantasy Artniks has passed the 1 million player mark, 31 days after launch.

To put that number into context: Final Fantasy Brigade, the FF game on Mobage, was just a few days faster to reach the same number of users last year (that title went on to become one of the most popular ones on the Mobage platform today).

Final Fantasy Artniks, which hasn’t been announced for markets outside Japan yet, is a card battler with characters from Final Fantasy titles that have appeared on consoles in the last years.

Other titles from Square Enix currently live on GREE include Circle Of Mana (an RPG based on their Mana franchise) and Chocobo Farming (with the famous bird character from the Final Fantasy series).

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